OMG I'm not dead and I'm poking at DW kinda sorta

Despite not posting here since 2013, I am not dead. I just went to grad school and got a master's in public health. And ended a 10 year relationship with David. And had a lot of ups and downs with my physical and mental health.

Sometime last year, I started using tumblr, mainly in an effort to get more trash Star Wars fan fiction content. I'm shameless. I know. I don't know that I ever really got the hang of that particular hellsite since it's so different from the other social media I've used (LJ, FB, Twitter). But I did find the tumblrs of a few fanfiction authors I liked and got to see some fun art content that I hadn't previously. Then, of course, the bullshit censoring began. I believe that most of the people I followed have largely jumped ship and I know a bunch of them went over to Dreamwidth. I started to make a DW account, but I realized that I can just use Open ID to view posts there and comment and I find that much preferrable since I have a permanent LJ account. Maybe someday I'll switch, but that day is not today.


The flock of tribble-fish are making their annual stop in their yearly migration pattern at our home. I think they summer in Australia.